Be Awesome!

You are an adrenaline junkie. You seek adventure. You like to live on the edge. You yearn to take the road less traveled. You feel sheer joy in exploring the wild and beautiful. The growl of exhaust note reassures your faith in music.

The time has come to get behind the wheel and Be Awesome!

About Us

Kashmir Off Road was started in 2017, with an aim to develop and promote motor-sport and overland travel in the region.

The organization has since organized a number of motor-sport, off-road competition events and overland expeditions in the region and internationally. Organised motor-sport and off-road competition events like Frozen Rush, Mudzilla and our overland expeditions have garnered local, national and international media coverage.

Our members have participated and won in national and international motor-sport events.

Kashmir Off Road since 2017 has explored and promoted unexplored tourist destinations in Kashmir. Our annual Gurez Expedition since 2017 as an example, has put the destination on the adventure travel tourist destinations of Kashmir. Hence, creating opportunity and employment for locals in the tourism sector.

Our overland Expeditions are meticulously planned and offer authentic experiences, genuine cultural exchange, real exploration and exhilarating off-road experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful alpine off-road destinations.

What We Do

Extreme off-road mountain trail adventure in Western Himalayas

Bespoke overland expeditions to remote and unseen corners of Kashmir

Kashmir car & bike show

Off-Road competition & motor-sport events

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