Environmental Policy

Kashmir Off Road strictly follows 'Tread Lightly' protocols. All our off-road drive events are non-damaging to the environment and strict guidelines are followed. We follow responsible off-road protocols and leave no trace behind.


  • For off-road trail driving use the existing trails in areas where allowed.

  • Straddle gullies and ruts.

  • Cross streams and rivers only when necessary and only at designated points – where the stream crosses the road or trail.

  • When possible avoid mud. If you do go through mud or soft terrain, keep a slow and steady pace to avoid spinning wheels which can cause rutting and damage the trail, and will often get you stuck.

  • Don’t turn around on narrow roads, steep terrain or unstable ground – reverse until you find a safe place to turn around.

  • If you cannot see ahead of you on the trail, stop and scout it by foot to avoid any major unseen obstacles.

  • To increase traction – decrease air pressure in your tires to the point you see a slight bulge (usually no lower than 20 p.s.i.). This also ensures there is no wheel spin which may otherwise damage the soil.

  • Know your vehicle’s clearance – the height from the ground of the lowest point on your vehicle.

  • Always travel with another vehicle – this way if one gets stuck you still have a way out.

  • Avoid sensitive areas – habitats, areas with livestock or large wildlife, archeological, historic and forest areas which otherwise require permission. If you do encounter livestock or wildlife, try to avoid spooking them the best you can.

  • Leave no trash behind.

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