‘Kashmir Off Road’ is a professional off-road and motor sport outfit. All our drive events are conducted under strict guidelines and supervision of senior, experienced and professional drivers of Kashmir Off Road Club. All our events are conducted in liaison with various authorities and organizations. We follow strict safety procedures with emergency and evacuation protocols in place. We strongly advise you not to try or mimic our activities, unless under guided supervision. DO NOT recklessly indulge in extreme motor sport activities, which may pose a significant risk of injury, disability or fatality. We strictly follow 'Tread Lightly' protocols. All our off-road drive events are non-damaging to the environment and strict guidelines are followed.


  • A member who owns a four-wheel drive vehicle with transfer case (4-high and 4-low gears).

  • A member shall be eighteen (18) years older and shall be in possession of a valid driver’s license.


  • If the behavior of any member accordingly to the opinion of the organizers is indecent, unsporting or is detrimental to the interest of the group.

  • Gets involved in political/religious arguments at meets.

  • Uses alcohol or other any intoxicating substance during off-road drive events.

  • That his behavior is too noisy and/or is rebellious and/or antagonistic towards other members.

  • Fails to obey officials or marshals while they are doing their duty or taking care of their duty or taking care of their interests of members during meets and drives.

  • Becomes a member of any other Off-Road Club or similar clubs with activities such as off-roading, off-road expeditions etc.


  • All members may, at their discretion, invite one or more guests to the club activities, on condition that:

    • such a member shall be held responsible for the behavior of his guest(s) and

    • such members shall pay the entrance fee for such activities, or meeting (If applicable)


  • Members shall display absolute care for the environment at all times. NO LITTERING! Pick up some extra trash when you can

  • That you impose yourself about how safe is your own vehicle.

  • Do not practice extreme off road trips and tricks without well-equipped vehicle, training of guidance.

  • You are limited by your vehicle power.

  • Drive along existing trails.

  • Respect private property

  • Control any pets you may bring.


  • Anyone driving uphill has the right of way.

  • You are in control of your vehicle.

  • If driving besides an open cliff, stop your vehicle to facilitate a safe right of way.

  • It is the responsibility of each driver to maintain the pace set by the trip leader, if unable to maintain the pace the trip leader must be notified.

  • Keep the vehicle behind you in sight and always wait at road junctions to ensure the person behind you makes the turn.

  • Stay on the trail.

  • Never leave an organized trip without notifying the trip leader.

  • If you are uncomfortable about negotiating a difficult stretch of trail, stop and seek help from someone. We do not want you to hurt yourself or seriously damage your vehicle.


  • Vehicles should be maintained in good and dependable condition to keep unnecessary breakdowns to a minimum.

  • Four wheel drive w/transfer case

  • Functional service and parking brake

  • Headlights and running lights

  • Windshield wipers

  • Full size, fully inflated spare tyre


  • No alcohol or intoxicating substance during any driving event.

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Recovery strap

  • No passengers on the back of your vehicle during extreme obstacles or terrain.

  • First aid kit

  • Jack, capable of lifting your vehicle and a tool capable of removing lock nuts.

  • Tyres must have a minimum 3/32 tread.

  • Adequate recovery points (hooks) front and rear.

  • Steering components must not have excessive play.

  • No solid objects, shall be united in the interior of your vehicle.

  • Do not carry flammable liquids, extra gas shall be, carry on safety containers properly attached in the exterior of the vehicle.

  • Flashlights

  • Tool kit, and a shovel (one per up to four vehicles)

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