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 Photo credit : WN / IMRAN NISSAR


And I lovingly call them, the 'chai' people :)


Entered the paradise on the Earth. Traveled high n low, wet n wild, greens n whites n ambers n browns of this terra firma and one thing that unites it all is the presence of this clan, I lovingly call, the Chai people aka the ardent Tea-Lovers.


Be it chilling cold, floods in the city, unstoppable rains, boiling hot summers, weddings, demises :(, birthdays, engagements, strangers bumping into each other, having a fight, shopping, snooping or perhaps just asking for directions, whosoever you meet here is always delighted and ready for that steaming hot cuppa. And yes that too anytime of the day and forget about the count please…


Here’s wishing if all things were as simple and easy and to be resolved over just with that cup of chai… wotsay chai chakkha ;)

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April 22, 2016

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