We all look for reasons to find that escape route when nothing matters to us except for one thing, which we love the most. For me, it’s travelling to the unknown. Kashmir is an unexplored country for me. The smell of pine, choir of wood, glaciers of blue ice, streams d...

SURUoor! The title may sound a bit cheeky but the experience to the valley was nothing less than intoxicating.


At 6 a.m. we woke, had quick breakfast and by 7 we were in our car and headed towards Suru Valley (Ladakh, ex-Sonamarg). Yaaaayy!


Way too excited, I was this...



“Wow, is this for real? Did we just enter the Narnia land? Hsshhhh…the trees may speak of us, The Ice Queen may come and the reindeers…” the questions were endless. Accompanied by our two children, we drove ‘up’ to this place yet unknown (to us).


It was our journey o...

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April 22, 2016

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